is an io-multiplayer game to fight and rise to the top of the leaderboard! Select a loadout(assault/shotguns/machine) and one of the 9 unique sprites to play as! Join the world and rise to glory! You can also play a private game with your friends! Just make a room with a unique name and ask your friends to join there too! Join the discord server now! : How to Play? Please select your loadout : Assault , Shotguns , Machine. Under each loadout you get 3 unique sprites to play as! Click on play , and you will be spawned in a public server. (to play with friends please check the play with friends box) Shoot and take down as many players as you can! When a player dies , you can take their gun too! Always try to take a floating gun as it gives you a health boost! When you jump on a ladder , you are propelled up. You can jump from any height without taking any damage. The game is filled with some easter eggs 🙂 For any feedback , you can contact the developer – , or try any of the social links at the login screen (top right corner). I would love to hear from you!


1. Arrow Keys to move around and jump. Alternatively you can use WASD-Space 2. Use your mouse pointer to aim , left click to shoot and right click to scope out 3. Press number keys 1 to 9 to select a different gun and hold to view more information

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