Paladins Best Champion Tier List

Paladins is a free-to-play online hero FPS (first-person shooter) game that was released in 2018 by Hi Rez Studios and Evil Mojo Games, the same developers that brought us Smite. Paladins is set in the realm of Realm, a science fiction fantasy universe. There are fantasy and science fiction aspects, such as medieval-looking warriors who wield shotguns and assault rifles instead of swords.

Similar to class shooters like Overwatch, Rainbow Six, and Team Fortess 2, the game contains characters called Champions, who are the classes you play as. here we made a paladins best champion tier list for you, While the game is free to play, it does include certain paid features, such as a battle pass (which grants more XP) and crystals (which can be purchased with real money and used to purchase in-game things).

Overall, Paladins is a fantastic hero FPS game, and we suggest it to anybody who like shooting games. Paladins is available for download and play on Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

Paladins Different Game Modes

The class-based team shooter uses team-based goals, similar to Overwatch, with a focus on Payloads and Control Points. The following are the game modes:

  • Paladins’ primary game mode, Siege, pits two teams of five against each other in a rush to seize the map’s centre capture point. When the attacking team seizes possession, they spawn a payload that they must manoeuvre through several checkpoints. One point is awarded for each successful push or capture. The defenders must stop their adversary from delivering the payload.
  • The game is won by the first side to score four points. The goal is for both teams to exchange sides and see who can push the cargo the furthest in order to decide the series winner.
  • Onslaught: Both sides compete over distinct control points on a vast area, similar to classic King of the Hill. A team can now score points by fagging the opposing team, giving the game a new twist.
  • Team Deathmatch:  Any team-based shooter’s most traditional game mode. To win the game, simply outfrag your opponents.
  • Ranked: Siege is taken to a whole new level with Ranked. Players that queue up for Ranked will be playing Siege’s main rules, but will also be able to participate in a pick and ban drafting process prior to the match.
  • Both sides can ban two characters apiece, after which they must choose a character to play for the remainder of the battle. Both teams are unable to play if a Champion is banned. If a champion is chosen, the opposite team is unable to select that champion. It’s akin to a MOBA or Rainbow Six Siege’s select and ban phase.

Because various Champions succeed at different stages in the game, these game styles are crucial to remember. By turtling up, a defensive frontliner can profit more from laying up traps and preparing assaults on control locations. Meanwhile, a moving payload allows ranged damage dealers and flankers to take advantage of the dynamic terrain.

Paladins Best Champion Tier List Descriptions

  • Tier S: These champions are extremely powerful. You can’t go wrong with these characters if you wish to get a competitive advantage over your opponents.
  • Tier A: These champions are more popular than the average in the current meta. These playable characters may be included into nearly any squad setup.
  • Tier B: These champions are average, yet they are trustworthy and popular picks in the current meta.
  • Tier C: These characters are less well-known than higher-tier champions, and are typically seen to be only effective in specific situations.
  • Tier D: These characters are the lowest tier champions; they are typically the least popular choices and are seen to be less effective than higher tier champions.
  • Tier F: To climb higher on this ranking, these Champions will require strong enhancements in the future. They are seldom chosen in competitive battles since they cannot be built around and their talents do not shine.

S- Tier Paladins Champions

Paladins Tier List S Tier

All of the characters in this tier list are fairly well-balanced in terms of offensive and defensive abilities. They can be your go-to playable class for healing, leading allies in an assault, or simply playing the game solo while ignoring PTFO.

Champion                       ClassSkills  Talents
KogaFlank              Submachine Guns/Hellkite Claws Shadow Step/Skewer Dragon Stance Agility Cyclone Strike (Ultimate)Adrenaline Junkie Blood Reaper Dragon Fangs
Atlas                           Front LineChrono Cannon Setback Stasis Field Second Chance Exile (Ultimate)Unstable Fissure Temporal Divide Deja Vu
Makoa                        Front LineCannon Dredge Anchor Shell Shield Shell Spin Ancient Rage (Ultimate)Pluck Half Shell Leviathan
Inara               Front LineStone Spear Earthen Guard Impasse Warder’s Field Seismic Crash (Ultimate)       Mother’s Grace Tremors Treacherous Ground
Cassie                         Damage Crossbow Disengage Blast Shot Dodge Roll Scout (Ultimate)Exaction Impulse Big Game
Bomb King                                   DamageSticky Bomb Detonate Grumpy Bomb Poppy Bomb King Bomb (Ultimate)Chain Reaction Royal Subjects Accelerant
Barik                          Front LineBlunderbuss Barricade Turret Rocket Boots Dome Shield (Ultimate)Architectonics Tinkerin Fortify

A-Tier Paladins Champions

Paladins Tier List A Tier

Champions of Paladins who fit into our A-tier group are ferocious, terrifying, and quick. If you choose characters from this list, you will always outwit your opponents in one-on-one battles.

Their defense and attack have been fine-tuned to near perfection, but they still have a few flaws. Still, once you start playing Paladins with these characters, you can’t go wrong.

Champion                       ClassSkills  Talents
Imani                          DamageFrost Bolt/Pyre Ball Frost Bomb/Inferno Cannon Elemental Shift Frostfire Glide Dragons Call (Ultimate)Splitting Ice Pyromania Mana Rift
Lian    Damage                       Heirloom Rifle Valor Presence Grace Enlightenment (Ultimate)Alacrity Eminence Precision
Viktor Damage                       Assault Rifle Iron Sights Frag Grenade Hustle Barrage (Ultimate)Cardio Burst Mode Shrapnel
Ying               Support           Illusory Mirror Shatter Illusion Dimensional Link Illusory Rift (Ultimate)Focusing Lens Life Exchange Resonance
Seris   Support                       Soul Orb Restore Soul Rend
Soul Shadow Travel Convergence (Ultimate)
Soul Collector Mortal Reach Agony
Androxus                                   FlankRevolver Defiance Reversal Nether Step Accursed Arm (Ultimate)Cursed Revolver Godslayer Defiant Fist
Mal’Damba                                   SupportSpitting Cobra Mending Spirits Gourd Slither Dread Serpent (Ultimate)Spirit’s Chosen Ripened Gourd Wekono’s Wrath
Ash     Front Line                       Burst Cannon Kinetic Burst
Siege Shield Shoulder Bash Assert Dominance (Ultimate)
Battering Ram Slug Shot Fortress Breaker
Fernando           Front Line           Flame Lance Shield Fireball Charge Immortal (Ultimate)Aegis Scorch Formidable
Io                                SupportLight Bow Moonlight Guardian Spirit Lunar Leap Begone (Ultimate)Life Link Goddess’ Blessing Sacrifice
Terminus           Front Line           Massacre Axe Calamity Blast Power Siphon Shatterfall Reanimate (Ultimate)       Undying Crush Decimation
Khan              Front Line           Heavy Repeater Bulwark Battle Shout Commander’s Grab Overpower (Ultimate)Lian’s Shield Storm of Bullets Vortex G

B-Tier Paladins Champions

Paladins Tier List B Tier

This category includes champions of Paladins that have at least one severe weakness that keeps them back. It doesn’t mean they’re a terrible choice for picking and playing the game.

It’s simply that mastering them takes time, perseverance, and a thorough understanding of how to best employ their powers and talents in combat. These characters will also appeal to those who enjoy a challenge.

Champion                       ClassSkills  Talents
Strix               DamageTalon Rifle/Pistol Scope/Flare Quick Switch Stealth Flashbang (Ultimate)       Nocturnal Unauthorize Use Crack Shot
Willo                          DamageWand of Overgrowth Dead
Zone Seedling Flutter Fae
Flight (Ultimate)
Nightshade Blastflower Scorn
Sha Lin                                   DamageLong Bow Crippling Arrow Rapid Shot Withdraw Heat Haze (Ultimate)Desert Silence Recurve Sand Trap
Furia                           SupportPyre Blade Kindle Soul Pyre Strike Wings of Wrath Inflame (Ultimate)Cherish Exterminate Solar Blessing
Grover                        SupportThrowing Axe Crippling
Throw Blossom Vine
Whirlwind (Ultimate)
Rampant Blooming Ferocity Deep Roots
Jenos                          SupportStar Splitter Astral Mark Void Grip Stellar Wind Through
Time and Space (Ultimate)
Luminary Binary Star The Power Cosmeum
Pip                  SupportPotion Launcher Explosive
Flask Healing Potion
Weightless Evil Mojo (Ultimate)         
Mega Potion Catalyst Combat Medic
Torvald                         Front LineGauntlet Nullify Protection Recharge Hyper Beam (Ultimate)Thanks, Grandpa Direct Current Field Study
Drogoz                                   Damage Rocket Launcher Fire Spirit Salvo Thrust Dragon Punch (Ultimate)Combustible Fusillade W.Y.R.M. Jets
Kinessa                                   DamageSniper Rifle Sniper Mode Oppressor Mine Transporter Headhunter (Ultimate)Steady Aim Reposition Eagle Eye

C-Tier Paladins Champions

Paladins Tier List C Tier

When you play with the characters of Paladins in our C-tier, you’ll get surprising results. They will occasionally emerge as unbeaten champions, and at other times, they will be easily destroyed by a character from the S or A tier.

In any case, C-tier champions must have at least two or three abilities that do not have a higher potency to a) land high damage offense and b) efficiently block an enemy’s assaults.

Champion                             ClassSkillsTalents
Evie                FlankIce Staff Ice Block Blink Soar Ice Storm (Ultimate) Over the Moon Snow Globe Wormhole
Lex                 Flank  Magnums In pursuit Retribution Combat Slide The Law (Ultimate) Discovery Heroism Death Hastens
Talus               Flank  Veracharger Blitz Upper Overcharge Rune of Travel
True Power (Ultimate)
Inner Strength Faustian Bargain Nothing Persona
Zhin                Flank  Inferno Blade Counter Billow
Whirl Spite (Ultimate)
Guillotine Yomi Smolder
Raum                          Front LineHellfire Gatling Ignition Soul Harvest Juggernaut Cataclysm (Ultimate)Enforcer Earthsplitter Subservience
Dredge                                   Damage Cursed Howitzer Broadside Harpoon Shortcut Kraken (Ultimate)Scuttle Hurl Abyss Spike

D-Tier Paladins Champions

Paladins Tier List D Tier

All of our D-tier characters in Paladins are worthless. Some of them lack a broad arsenal with which to strike or protect themselves. If you continue to choose and play with them in Paladins, you will be wasting your time. I strongly advise you to avoid them till they are patched in a big game update

Champion                             ClassSkillsTalents
Tyra                DamageAuto Rifle Nade Launcher Fire Bomb Hunter’s Mark Crossfire (Ultimate)           Mercy Kill Hunting Party Burn. Monster!
Vivian                        Damage Light Machine Gun Precision Sights Deflector Shield Sensor Drone Sentinels (Ultimate)Suspect Everyone Booby Trap Opportunity in Chaos
Ruckus                                   Front LineMiniguns Missile Launcher
Emitter Advance Hexa Fire
Flux Generator Rocket Barrage Aerial Assault
Grohk                         Support Lightning Staff Shock Pulse Healing Totem Ghost Walk Tempest (Ultimate)Totemic Reward Spirit’s Domain Maelstrom
Buck               Flank  Shotgun Net Shot Recovery
Heroic Leap Buck Wild (Ultimate)
Ensnare Bulk Up Bounce House

F-Tier Paladins Champions

Paladins Tier List F Tier

To climb higher on this ranking, these Champions will require strong enhancements in the future. They are seldom chosen in competitive battles since they cannot be built around and their talents do not shine.

ChampionsClass Skills Talents
Skye                           FlankWrist Crossbow Poison Bolts Smoke Screen Hidden Time Bomb (Ultimate)Debilitate Smoke and Dagger Preparation
Moji                            FlankFamiliar Spit Familiar Spray Magic Barrier Scamper Bon Appetit (Ultimate)Snack Attack Boom Boom Toot
Maeve                        FlankDaggers Pounce Nine Lives Prowl Midnight (Ultimate)Cat Burglar Street Justice Rogue’s Gambit

Paladins Tier List Instant

Best Support Character in Paladins

IO: IO is most likely the only character in our tier ranking who is a support champion rather than a damage dealer. Her healing area of effect, Moonlight ability, Life Link talent, and Goddess’ Blessing talent all point to her being the greatest support champion in Paladins.

Best Attack Character in Paladins

Atlas:War from Darksiders would look a lot like Atlas if he possessed firearms. This champion is all about racking up the most hit points while being unconcerned about his own safety. Except for one, Atlas’ skills and talents are all geared at charging the enemy’s front line and commanding his own squad. For players that enjoy charging, he is a must-have champion.

Best Tank Character in Paladins

Raum: In Paladins, Raum plays similarly to Makoa, which makes him a perfect complement to the tank type of champion in the game. If you know how to properly cycle and repeat his abilities and talents for high damage output, he’s a beast of a character.

Best Healer Character in Paladins

Khan: In Paladins, Khan is a fantastic and flexible champion. At medium range, his talents and general damage-dealing abilities show the most. He’s not just a superb attacker, but he’s also a fantastic support player. Khan has temporary immunity to assaults and uses the Battle Shout talent to heal himself and friends.

Best Character in Paladins

Androxus: Androxus, the game’s finest character, is a superb flanker who can cause havoc among the opposition team without putting himself in danger. If you’re caught off surprise, his damage is tremendous, making him a real threat.


Paladins is an online competitive game that necessitates communication and time commitment in order to succeed. Consult with your teammates to ensure that you’re all on the same page, and then choose a character that suits your team’s goals.

Don’t be obstinate; choose only the role you wish to portray. By just explaining with your squad that you will be choosing the best DPS in every game and disregarding your teammates, you will see a lot more victories (we are painfully aware of that).